Production of professional agility barriers

We produce professional agility barriers.

Our products meet the current FCI rules
and are created from the most reliable materials.

Dear customers,

Let me introduce our company, which appeared on the market before a long number of years. Thanks to the rich experience the company has undergone many changes and now offers its customers quality and reliable service. The company focuses on the manufacture of professional agility barriers. We offer berriers with the contact zones, as well as jumping barriers and barriers that can be runned through.

Our purpose is professional work and quality products with long warranty. Barriers are made of materials which we are sure that their properties will ensure reliability with minimal long-term wear.

Thank you for your visit and we hope you´ll find what you were looking for and will not go empty-handed.

For the whole company

Petr Eichler

Agility is a sport aimed at developing skills of dogs. Originated around 1978 in England. Today, agility are runned by pedigree dogs, along with their children, youth, adults and seniors, and throughout the world. Agility is operated as entertainment for the masses dog person, but also as a professional sport, which even has its world championship. Only in the Czech Republic takes place annually around 30 championships and 8 agility training camps.
Production of kennels and professional agility barriers