Universal slalom


3 parts with total length of 7.2 m - shaped, galvanized steel with 12 plastic tubes with diameter of 3.2 cm - elements able to move to the sides free.


Runing bariers

According to the rules of Agility CR

Number of tubes is odd - 8, 10 or 12 Their height is in the range 100 to 120 cm. The tubs have diameter of 3 to 5 cm, they are placed in a straight line and constant apart 60 cm (inner dimension between the tubes). It must maintain the same spacing between the tubes along the slalom. Normally is for the slalom used 12 sticks. Slalom must be hard fixed, that its position couldn´t be change durign the run.

Price: 4,046.00 Kč EUR 165

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