A supporting frame made of galvanized profiled steel. Non-absorbing particle OSB board 10 mm thick and upper non-slip gum 4 mm thick. 3 parts 3.65 m long and 0.3 m large. Detachable, adjustable height.


Barriers with contact zones

According to the rules Agility CR

Height from 120 to 135 cm, width 30 cm. Length of each part: 360 to 420 cm. The step-ON and step-DOWN parts must be secure not to avoid self-disconnection. Step-ON and step-DOWN ramps should be provided with a small sheet attached at regular intervals of about 25 cm. Strips help the steping on the barrier and prevent any slipping. Rails are 20 mm wide, 5 mm to 10 mm high with rounded edges. At the step-ON and step-DOWN parts of the ramp must be 90 cm long, it must be measured from the ground and there must be indicated a contact zone. To 10 cm from the contact zone must be no trim. Beam must be stable.

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