Jump-through circle


Demountable - galvanized steel, tires. Variant with adjustable height is available.


Jump barriers

According to the rules Agility CR

Inner hole diameter circle is min. 45 cm and a maximum 60 cm. As a material for the manufacture of a circle is recommended motorcycle tires, polystyrene lifebuoy or rubberized fabric. The lower part of the inner circle suspended proskokového must be filled for safety reasons. Suspension of the ring must be flexible. Solid suspension is not allowed. Construction of barrier must be stable and robust, so the dog couldn´t easily tumble it. The base of the barrier must be approximately 1,5 times higher than the barrier. For category Large it is measured from the ground to the top of the circle. On the jumping show must be the ring located so, that inning is in a straight line.

The distance of center circle (that the dogs jump through) from the ground is diferent for each following categories:

  • Small - S and Medium - M = 55 cm
  • Large - L = 80 cm

Universal variant:

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