Long jump


4 elements from OSB board + 4 pc boundary poles with brackets. Any colour combination is available.


Jumping barriers

According to the rules of Agility CR

It consists of two to five elements, which are equally distant from each other. The width of elements is 120 cm, depth is 15 cm, the lowest is 15 cm height, the heighes is 28 cm hight and all are slightly tapered. Elements must be able to easy fall. All four corners of complete barrier are marked with 120 cm tall sticks with no sharp edges. Distance from outer elements must be within 10 cm. The long jump must be located on parkour so, that the inning is in a straight line.

The length of the jump is different for the following categories:

  • Small - S 40 cm - 50 cm (2 elements)
  • Medium - M 70 cm - 90 cm (3 to 4 Elements)
  • Large - L 120 cm - 150 cm (4 to 5 Elements)

Elements must be sorted from lowest to highest. The lowest element must be always used.

Price: 3,304.00 Kč EUR 135

The prices are shown excluding 21% tax.
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