High jump


Galvanized steel, wooden bar diameter = 3 cm + bar holders. Adjustable from 15 to 100 cm height. We also produce a variant with metal fill (possibility of placing advertisements).


Jump barriers

According to the rules Agility CR

Width of the jumps is at least 120 cm. All simple step barriers must have an easy falling bar in heigh acording to the categories. The height or diameter of the bar must be 3-5 cm and no sharp edges. It is recomanded to highlight the bar with blue. Metal or plastic bars are not recommended. Barriers may have the area under the bar partially or completed fild with an advertising board or more substances. Thus used filler must be individually suspended independently on the easy falling bar. The sides (pillars, columns) of the step barrier can be differently designed with a minimum 1 m height. Only one handle, which is the placing of a substance, can extend from the wings or stand of the barriers.

Height of jumps for each size category are following:

  • Small – S 30 cm ± 5 cm (min. 25 cm, max. 35 cm)
  • Medium – M 40 cm ± 5 cm (min. 35 cm, max. 45 cm)
  • Large – L 60 cm ± 5 cm (min. 55 cm, max. 65 cm)


Price: 3,220.00 Kč EUR 131

The prices are shown excluding 21% tax.
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