Sloping wall sided


Of two parts (and 2.7 m) non-absorbing particle OSB boards 10 mm thick and non-slip upper gum 4 mm thick. Parts are connected with pins. The height ist adjustable with chain.


Barriers with contact zones

According to the rules of Agility CR

It consists of two areas in angle 101.5 ° with a peak of 170 cm from the ground. Width of the sloping walls is less than 90 cm. At the bottom could be the width up to 115 cm. The ramp length is 270 cm ± 5 cm. There are rails on the ramps in regular intervals (approx. 25 cm) to facilitate the exit and prevent slipping. Rails are 20 mm wide and high from 5 to 10 mm with rounded edges. Contact zones are indicated in the length of 106 cm, which is measured from the ground. The auxiliary bar must be mounted at least 10 cm from the edge of the contact zone. The top of the sloping wall must not be dangerous for dogs. Sloping walls must be stable.

"A"-shaped wall:

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